Факультет цифровой экономики БГЭУ / Faculty of Digital Economy BSEU invites to a meeting with special guests from Sweden on Monday (March 16th) that will start at 14:35 in room 136/3.

Our guests will deliver a lecture and present their books “Strategic and Innovative Pricing: Price Models for a Digital Economy” and “Strategic Management Control”.

Information about books written by our guests:

‘Strategic and Innovative Pricing: Price Models for a Digital Economy’:

‘Strategic Management Control’:

About guests:

Mathias Cöster holds a PhD and is Assistant Professor in the Department of Business Studies at Uppsala University Campus Gotland. He has a Doctorate in Economic Information Systems from Linköping University. Since 2009 he has been active in the research network CASIP (the Centre for Advanced Studies in Innovative Price Models), a research collaboration project between academia and industry that studies strategic perspectives on pricing and the development of price models. The work of CASIP has resulted in the publication of a book and several articles. He teaches and manages courses in accounting at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland.

Carl-Johan Petri is Assistant Professor of Economic Information Systems at Linköping University. He has worked with management control development for more than 20 years. He is mainly interested in the use of strategy maps and balanced scorecards, both in research and practice. He has published several books on the balanced scorecard that have been translated into a dozen languages.

Short list of publications:
— Cöster, M., Iveroth, E., Olve, N. G., Petri, C. J., & Westelius, A. (2019). Conceptualising innovative price models: the RITE framework. Baltic Journal of Management.
— Iveroth, E., Westelius, A., Petri, C. J., Olve, N. G., Cöster, M., & Nilsson, F. (2013). How to differentiate by price: Proposal for a five-dimensional model. European Management Journal, 31(2), 109-123.
— Petri, C. J. (2014). Using an innovative price model to leverage the business model–The case of price model innovation in the largest Swedish taxi company. Journal of Business Models, 2(1).